For Farmers – Carbon Farming

In many cases, the income through agriculture is just enough to cover the farmers costs. That’s why farmers consistently search for additional income opportunities. A well-known example are biogas installations. With Agrophotovoltaics, the Kelfield Group develops projects with a holistic approach, that adds additional income for farmers and contributes to environmental protection.

The concept of Agrophotovoltaics gives the farmer the option to combine agriculture with energy production. The farmer can still do animal farming or conventional farming between the vertically standing solar panels. Meaning, the farmer not only has a continuous income with animal farming and conventional farming, but is also able to generate additional income via solar energy. In addition to that, the farmer has the big advantage of still receiving subsidies. This opens various opportunities and concepts to generate additional income. As the Kelfield Group has over 30 years of experience in both agriculture and energy production, are we more than happy to consult other farmers in this matter.

One sustainable and interesting option which we would like to highlight is Agrophotovoltaics, combined with Carbon Farming. Carbon Farming is a whole farm approach, to optimizing carbon capture on working landscapes, by implementing practices that are known to improve the rate at which CO2 is removed from the atmosphere and stored in plant material and/or soil organic matter. The farmer can sow various crops between the solar construction and contribute to improving the humus content of the soil. Doing that, a third income possibility is added with C02 certificates.